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Cyprus Science University is vastly growing internationally, currently hosting international students in North Cyprus from 52 countries from Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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Cyprus Science University

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Open Faculty of Economics. Administrative & Social Science

Prospective Students

Cyprus Science University contributes to the elevation of knowledge and service both in North Cyprus and around the world through 22 undergraduate, 8 graduate and 2 PhD programs.

Our Courses

We have multiple programs which are taught by using latest research results, most effective teaching materials and professional academics. Explore our programs to find the right one for you!

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees are payments made by students to educational institutions for the purpose of covering various costs associated with their education. These fees can vary depending on the institution and the program.


Scholarships are financial awards or grants provided to students to help them pay for their education. Scholarships are typically awarded based on various criteria. Click to find which scholarship program you are eligible for!


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Be at the frontier of knowledge in a completely international environment and discover Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with Cyprus Science University

◎    Programs are in English and Turkish languages
◎    Highly qualified International Teaching Staff
◎    International Student Ratio
◎    On Campus Sports Facilities

Up to 90% scholarship opportunities for all prospective students.

Our Campus

CSU is located just 10 minutes from the heart of the city of Kyrenia & 30 minutes from the capital Nicosia. CSU offers a free service to and from Nicosia and Kyrenia to our campus. The luxurious views that surround the University are picturesque. The campus is colourful with olive trees whilst being at the footsteps of the famous five finger mountain range.

Academic Staff

Shuttle Hours