International Law

About Program

The precursory element of a democratic state is the rule of law. In order to keep a balanced, just and peaceful society and co-exist in today’s global community law, is fundamental. With this view, Cyprus science University’s International Law Department aims to lead future law professionals with capacity to engage in advanced research independently. In order to develop academic and personal skills for dispute avoidance and resolution. Our programme is composed of courses that highlights interpretative skills for both case law and Statutes. In doing so our comparative courses encourage students to keep an open mind, critically analyse, gain legal logic and reasoning.

Cyprus Science University is proud to present an international law program that is fulfilling the need of an international approach to law, composed of comparative legal systems, compulsory courses on Common Law, European Union Law and laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to prepare law students for their legal professions as legal consultants, litigators, judges and prosecutors.  Our programme offers and outline which enables students to take full advantage of an advanced legal education in English language thus allowing them to compete in the international arena.
Program Outcomes:

Academic qualifications necessary to go on and be successful as practicing solicitors and barristers in the United Kingdom and other Common Law Countries. Knowledge of and understand one of the world’s most important internal market and its principles, EU; Procedural knowledge of the European Union allowing them the opportunity to appear before the Court of Justice and at first instance to defend clients. Represent clients  in International Arenas such as the UN Human Rights Tribunals and Council of Europe Court in Strasbourg.
Academic qualifications necessary to become practicing lawyer, judge, prosecutor and legal professional in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Learning & Teaching Methods

Lecture & In-Class Activities
Group Work
Assignment (Homework)
Project Work
Web Based Learning
Social Activity
Report Writing

Access to Further Studies

Following the graduation from the programme; students have an option to continue further studies on post graduate programmes and master level.

Career Opportunities

Future Legal Professionals are amongst the programme graduates! Future litigators, Lawyers,prosecutors academicians and judges.