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The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Cyprus Science University was founded in 2018 with the aim of educating architects, interior designers, and closely related other professionals (e.g. landscape architects), who are creative, research oriented, productive and skilful in using current technologies, and also have both awareness about the global, social and environmental issues, and the required ethical values in the contemporary societies of twenty first century.

In light of the above vision of our Faculty, the main mission of our academic educational system can be expressed as the provision of high quality undergraduate level education at international standards for alternative degree programs which require strong interdisciplinary cooperation. This main mission of the educational programs of the Faculty has been formed as a response to both academic and practical needs of the contemporary societies in the fields of science, design and fine arts, and education of creative architects, interior designers, and professionals.

Within this context, the main targets of the Faculty are to provide strong scientific theoretical knowledge, creative thinking, and practical skills to the students as well as to contribute to the scientific, artistic, and cultural development of society. In line with these targets, our Faculty aims at becoming a leading academic institution and a centre of excellence in the fields of fine arts and design at national and international level. To this end, we promise our students a creative and productive professional life, and bright future.


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