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About Program


Technicians to prevent emergency implementations are indispensable elements of the emergency health service.
He is aware of his life-saving mission. To develop the right communication skills with patients, patient relatives and other health personnel, To train health professionals who have full ethical values, who have learned their duties and responsibilities.

Department Opportunities
To gain the necessary skills for first aid and emergency laboratories. They also reinforce vehicle training hands-on lessons.

Learning & Teaching Methods

Education system based on theoretical and applied training methods is applied.
Adhering to ethical principles, respecting human dignity,
Innovative, entrepreneurial, visionary and responsible,
Professionally high level of knowledge, skills and equipment,
Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team,
Care about patient, employee, building, information and technology security,
Who can see the problem, can produce a solution that is fast and suitable for the urgent principle,
Students who have completed their 2-year associate degree from the First and Emergency program are given a “associate degree” diploma and a “Paramedic” title.

Access to Further Studies

First and emergency technicians who have successfully completed their associate degree education can continue their undergraduate education in the fields of Emergency Transfer and Disaster Management and Nursing with the Vertical Transfer Exam.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the First Aid and Emergency Aid programs are awarded with the title of First and Emergency Aid Technician with an undergraduate diploma. Graduates can work in public and private health institutions and emergency ambulance services. They can work in ambulances and emergency departments of hospitals, when emergency response is needed, air and sea ambulances, and other aid vehicles. They can also work as call handling personnel in command control centers and as an ambulance driver (after safe driving training) if necessary.