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Our Faculty of Health Sciences includes three departments at Cyprus Science University.

Nursing and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation departments in Turkish Language provide YÖK and YÖDAK approved training. As well as this, Nursing in English Language is YÖDAK approved training.

In Faculty of Health Sciences, our goal is to graduate you in a position to serve your country and your world in your professional life as highly educated, successful, researcher, creative, collaborative, sharing, continuing and educating person.

Our Faculty of Health Sciences strives to train successful health care practitioners and employees who meet the country’s requirements in the countries of the world, the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, who are trained by modern methods based on knowledge and technology, who are effective in human and public health services for technological and scientific developments, and who have ethical values.

In addition to our profession-specific courses in our curriculum, our courses that will pave the way for our students to develop in cultural and social fields are also offered to our students.

Thanks to our experienced and strong training staff in our faculty, our trainings can be maximized in line with the latest innovations in education technology with our application courses in our highly equipped clinical skills laboratories in addition to our theoretical courses.

Our students can receive application trainings with the patient in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, so that they will gain the required knowledge in their professional lives.

We also feel the honor of raising proud students in our Nursing and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation departments in our university.

We welcome you to our university.

Associate Professor Mehmet Zeki Avcı
Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

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