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Welcome to Cyprus Science University Law School, which you have already preferred as the first step to achieve the goal of being future’s lawyers with distinguished capacities. First of all I would like to salute all of you with my best feelings and sentiments to be under the same institutional roof with you.

Inaugurated in the educational year of 2017-2018, our Law School is aimed to raise qualified lawyers who have attained the knowledge of Turkish positive law besides the basic principles of international law with a perspective of comparative law as well as the capacity of employing at least one foreign language.

Our law school is also aimed to prepare our students for their future professional life with an educational understanding that includes both theory and practice through its outstanding academic staff starting even from the first semester.

Cyprus Science University Law School has adopted a multi-dimensional education program that includes international law and legal English lectures as well as moot court and clinical lessons besides mandatory law curriculum. This will enable our students to acquire the professional skills to be eligible for government and private sector positions in addition to conventional law professions such as attorneys, judges, prosecutors, notaries and legal counsels.

Consequently, I would suggest you all to be in contact with our academic staff perpetually during the whole educational life and utilize all academic and social facilities and wish the continuation of supreme success in your educational life.


Law (Turkish)

4 years

International Law (Turkish)

4 Years

Academic Staff

Academic Members
Faculty Advisors
Academic Members
Academic Members
Faculty Advisors
Research AssistantMerveyisefa YaylagülLaw Program Advisor2nd and 3rd Years
Research AssistantÖykü GülerLaw Program Advisor4th Year
Research AssistantEge CingilLaw Program Advisor
International Law Program Advisor
Justice Program Advisor
1st Year