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About Program

The Nursing Program at Cyprus Science University dedicates itself to the mission of excellence in teaching and learning through investigations of health care, cultural and social contexts that inform contemporary global society and provides compassionately delivered health care.
The Nursing Program encourages inquiry and self-reflection by offering a practical and broadly-based innovative curriculum that recognizes the increasingly porous boundaries between disciplines to prepare students for the global, diverse, and technologically sophisticated world of the twenty-first century.
The curriculum develops the student’s capacity for cross-disciplinary reflection by providing an integrated interdisciplinary education that promotes the fusion of critical with creative thinking, and fosters an understanding of diverse viewpoints.
It delivers a strong educational foundation to encourage and support scholarly research and creative endeavor that seeks, creates, and explores connections across conventional academic disciplines and forms of artistic expression that provides the student with essential skills needed for lifelong learning.

Every period of history teaches us about human culture and behaviors in health care, health risk, health protection, health economics, and health policy to understand and record our world without any limitations.
The Nursing Program, as an internationally renowned and leading health faculty, strives to attract and nurture outstanding scholars and students through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, research, and knowledge exchange in a professional framework reflecting our social responsibility in the public health sector.

Learning & Teaching Methods

Innovative, entrepreneurial, visionary and responsible, believing in the principle of life long learning,
Professionally high level knowledge, skills and equipment,
Adhering to ethical principles, respecting  human dignity,
Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team,
Producing evidence based information and making a difference in its field by implementing the information it produces,
Care about  patient, employee, building, information and technology security.
Can see the problem and produce solutions,
As a researcher, practitioner and manager, to train respectable nurses who can work in national and international platforms.
Students who complete a 4-year undergraduate educational from the Department of Nursing are given a “bachelor’s” diploma and a” nurse” title.

Access to Further Studies

Possibility to attend graduate programs

Career Opportunities

  • Career opportunities of our graduates are:
  • 1-Clinican, manager and educational nurse in all areas of health institutions.
  • 2-Graduated students are able to continue their further education (MSc and PhD).
  • 3-Private branch nursing
  • 4-Public health nursing in the community
  • 5-Occupational health nursing in all institutions
  • 6-School health nursing in the school
  • 7-Asministrative duties in the institutions Ministry of Health
  • 8-Home care nursing
  • 9-In child and elderly nursing homes conneted to social services
  • 10-Working in educational institutions.