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North Cyprus: Overview

North Cyprus is a beautiful and small country situated in the Mediterranean Sea and is a major business and financial center for Southeast Europe and the Middle East. It is a country with rich history and tradition and exploring North Cyprus is itself a rewarding experience waiting to be discovered. Blessed with natural beauty and a wonderful climate, North Cyprus gives visitors and residents alike the opportunity to enjoy golden beaches, rugged coastlines, and forest-clad mountains dotted with picturesque villages. North Cyprus is a safe place to live with a very low crime rate and warm, welcoming people.
The capital, Nicosia -Lefkosa, is an ideal centre for both business and leisure and has easy access to the island’s other cities, beaches and mountain resorts. Kyrenia-Girne is a fascinating city on the Northern coast of Cyprus, founded by the Myceans ca.1600 BC. Kyrenia is famous for its magnificent harbor and nearby castle.

Kyrenia Harbour

The city of Kyrenia and its surroundings are the tourism capital of Northern Cyprus. To the south of the City there is the Kyrenia Mountains and to the North is the Mediterranean Sea. Kyrenia, located on the northern coast of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has a 6000-year history, but is a holiday city with civilizations and their historical monuments, kilometers of natural beaches, cold sea and mild climate.
The ancient port is located in the center of the city, right next to Kyrenia Castle. It is one of the most important tourist attractions of the Mediterranean with its restaurants, bars and open-air cafeterias, shopping center within walking distance, which are popular with both locals and tourists throughout the harbour.

City of Nicosia

The city, which is called Ledra in the Assyrian resources of the seventh century, is claimed to be the core of Nicosia. In 300 BC, Lefkos, son of Ptolemy I Soter, gave his name after rebuilding the city. It is thought that the name of Lefkosa is also derived from this. The name of Nicosia is said to have been used for the first time in 1192 when the Indigenous Templar Knights rebelled. Beginning from this date, the island was ruled from Nicosia and Nicosia was regarded as the capital of Cyprus. This brilliant period of the city that developed during the period of Lusignans continued until the Venetians took possession in 1489. Many important churches and palaces have been destroyed by the Venetians Period in order to fortify the walls. Ottoman rule started in Nicosia, in 1570 and this time it was filled with mosques, baths, madrasahs and inns, which are works of Ottoman culture.


Famagusta is a port city on the island of Cyprus. Famagusta is one of the most heavily fortified ports in the Mediterranean. It forms a stepping stone between the Near East and Europe. It is also very rich in historical places and structures. The golden beaches of Famagusta are among the best-known beaches in the world. The International Famagusta Culture and Art Festival is held regularly every year.
Kaleiçi is the oldest and most important place in Famagusta and is surrounded by historical walls and structures. Authentic and rustic-looking restaurants and boutiques are located here. Besides these, there are important historical works.


The climate of Northern Cyprus is a typical Mediterranean climate. The summers are long and arid, the winters are short and rainy. The average annual temperature is 19ºC (66ºF). The mid-summer temperature is around 40ºC (105ºF) and the warmest sea in the Mediterranean is average 21ºC (75ºF). In winter, the weather is quite mild and annual rainfall is 500mm.


In North Cyprus, people pay great attention to eating and drinking. In addition, the fact that our country is a very touristic place has led to the development of the restaurant industry. Restaurants that can compete with the world’s most famous restaurants await customers all over the island. The quality of food and service in these restaurants is at world standards. Of course, if we add the unique views of Cyprus mountain and sea, we can say that our restaurants have a distinct place in the world.
In Northern Cyprus, you can find all kinds of cuisines. Classic European cuisine, Chinese and Far East Cuisine, Sushi, Indian, and of course the indispensable Kebab of Turkish Cuisine. If you want to taste the food of the place you visit, you will find plenty of varieties in this regard.


What do you think about a cruise in the blue sea and the sunny skies of Northern Cyprus? While watching Northern Cyprus like a bird on the Paraglide, you will observe the turquoise sea, the lush forests and the golden beaches.
Do not worry, you do not have to be an expert to make this unique journey. In North Cyprus, which is considered as one of the best places in the world for paragliding, professional firms and pilots help you on this journey.


Located in the heart of the Eastern Mediterranean, North Cyprus is a yachting center with ancient or modern marinas. Northern Cyprus, a frequent destination for various yachts from all over the country, is a precious place for yachting with its unique coastline. You can enjoy these beauties with your own yacht, also you can rent a yacht and go about this beautiful coastline. Yachting trips, especially organized in the ancient harbor area of Kyrenia, introduce thousands of tourists every year with unexplored coastlines and the hidden beauties of Northern Cyprus.