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About Program

The Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a 240 ECTS credits, 4-year program composed of eight semesters, each of which has a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS equals to 25.5 hours of student workload per semester.
The mission of electrical and electronics engineering is to provide education for students who are able to compete in all over the world and able to answer social needs in their fields. To accomplish these abilities, it is obligatory to learn basic principles of electrical and electronics engineering which builds our course structure. Total curriculum contains practical, theoretical and design courses for providing qualified education.

Learning & Teaching Methods

The most frequently used Instructional Methods of the educational programs of Cyprus Science University are given below. Programs commonly apply these methods as appropriate instructional approaches in accordance with their aims and objectives.
The instructional methods applied for achieving the goal of meeting the expected learning outcomes at the program at large are indicated in the section of ‘program learning outcomes’, and those methods utilized for individual course units are indicated in the relevant section of ‘course description and information on application’.

Access to Further Studies

•              Minor
•              Double Major
•              International Exchange Programs and study abroad
•              Possibility to attend graduate programs

Career Opportunities

•              Graduated students are able to work in electric and energy distribution fields in our country or internationally.
•              Graduated students are able to continue their further education (Msc and PHD).
•              Graduated students are able to work in software, electronics and communication companies.