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About Program

The Tourism Guidance Department welcomes you to the exciting world of tourism, travel and entertainment.
– The main objective of the department is to train professionals needed in tourism sector of Turkey and the world, who have the theoretical knowledge required in the field of tourism, have sectoral experience, know at least two foreign languages (advanced level), able to use computer technologies, capable to make and implement decisions, closely follows the latest developments in tourism, have expertise in communication skills, have vision, and open to continuous personal improvement.
– To train individuals who follow legislation related to the profession, familiar with documents used in commercial life, familiar with software program related to the field, know the procedure techniques and essentials in food production and consumption, able to correspond in the field, have office and personnel management skills, and can use the communication devices related to the field.
Career Fields
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Airlines, Tourist Information Offices of Municipalities, Provincial Tourism Departments, Organization and Advertisement Companies, Export- Import Departments of Private Institutions, Publicity Offices Abroad, and similar private and public sector organizations.
Departments to Transfer Through DGS Exam
Upon successfully completing the program and DGS Exam conducted by OSYM, students can transfer to Travel Management, Travel Management and Tourism Guide, Travel Management and Tourism Guidance Teacher’s Education, and Tourism Guidance programs.

Learning & Teaching Methods

The most frequently used Instructional Methods of the educational programs of Cyprus Science University are given below. Programs commonly apply these methods as appropriate instructional approaches in accordance with their aims and objectives.
The instructional methods applied for achieving the goal of meeting the expected learning outcomes at the TOURISM GUIDANCE program at large are indicated in the section of ‘program learning outcomes’, and those methods utilized for individual course units are indicated in the relevant section of ‘course description and information on application’.

Access to Further Studies

Students who have successfully graduated from the Tourist Guidance may apply to Bachelor’s (First Cycle) Degree programmes in or related fields of Tourist Guidance in Turkish universities via Vertical Transfer Exam organised by OSYM or directly apply to universities abroad for further study. Please also see the general admission requirements and information on access to further studies as well as the specific admission requirements for further studies in relation to Tourist Guidance at CSU.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from the Department of Tourism Guidance as a “Tourist Guide” have the opportunity to work in public, private and international organizations. They can work as an independent tourist guide, a tourist guide affiliated to a travel agency, a travel agency manager, a travel agency information officer, and a middle and senior manager in tourism businesses. Students who consider an academic career and are successful also have the opportunity to have an academic career if they wish. In addition, graduates with a master’s degree in Educational Sciences have the opportunity to become vocational course teachers in secondary education institutions.