Women’s Studies

Research and Application Center

It aims to take its place in social and economic development under an interdisciplinary organization in the world and in our country, to minimize all kinds of problems faced by women, children, disabled and victims, and to improve their quality of life in a sustainable way.

Our aim

It aims to enable women to take their place in social and economic development under an interdisciplinary organization in the world and in our country, to minimize all kinds of problems faced by women, children, disabled and victimized individuals, and to improve their quality of life in a sustainable way.

To enable women to add value to life by establishing effective institutional mechanisms in social, economic, legal and political fields, developing strategies and policies to contribute to the development of social culture, and conducting research, studies and activities in cooperation with the relevant departments and units of universities.

To develop preventive, individual, social, economic, legal strategies, policies and institutional mechanisms for the early detection, prevention and reduction of the main problems that women, children and victims may encounter in all areas of life.

To ensure that women who have done successful work in various fields and contributed to society communicate with the center and convey their experiences.

To carry out other activities in accordance with the purpose of establishment of the center and the aims and principles of the Higher Education Law.


Our Vision

The vision of the KIÜ-KAM Women’s Studies Research and Application Center is to carry out educational activities, to support the development of women’s leadership, entrepreneurship and management skills, to inform women about their rights, to provide women’s self-realization and existence and to create a gender equality mentality in our country. To be an effective, strong and leading center not only in the national but also in the international arena, in order to increase the economic and social status of women by supporting them in this regard and carrying out activities that raise awareness and direct them about women’s health.

To organize national and international courses, seminars, conferences, panels, congresses, workshops and symposiums on women, and to raise social awareness of strong women on gender inequalities and women’s issues.



KIU-KAM Women’s Studies Research and Application Center aims to raise the economic status of women in order to realize gender sensitivity and equality in the national and international arena by cooperating between academicians in different fields of science and/or other institutions and organizations outside the university and non-governmental organizations. and to enable the production of scientific information that will enable the development of applications, and to convey the produced information to various segments of society, especially politicians.

To carry out scientific research and studies in all areas related to the socio-economic status and problems of women, to contribute to the training of sensitive and knowledgeable young people on all issues related to women’s studies and gender, and to contribute to the dissemination of this point of view in the society, to make women aware of their rights and opportunities in every field and the ways of accessing them. It has undertaken to carry out various activities aimed at raising awareness about demanding equal rights with men.


Fields of Activity

To contribute to the creation of qualified human resources to work in this field by organizing lectures and seminars on women’s issues at the pre- and post-graduate level at the university and directing students to these issues.

Based on Atatürk’s principles and reforms, women’s vested rights and the protection of their place in contemporary society; To monitor national and international developments in women’s studies, to organize national and international courses, seminars and events on women’s issues and to participate in activities related to the subject.

All kinds of violence, abuse and neglect, intimidation, harassment, rape, restriction of freedom of choice and expression, such as human and civil rights violations that women and children face in the world and in our country, in the social, political and economic fields. To research problems, to develop solutions to these problems and to organize scientific studies, events and meetings at the global level, to publish journals, books, reports and statistical data, to provide trainings, to open courses, to universities, public and private institutions, business world from home and abroad. To cooperate with professional associations and non-governmental organizations.

To ensure coordination and cooperation with other national and international centers working on women’s studies, to take initiatives to exchange students and faculty for this purpose, to bring women’s studies together and organize scientific meetings, and to strengthen communication.

To create awareness about women’s rights and problems in the social structure, to reduce the problems and obstacles faced by women in all areas of life, and to contribute to the development of the culture of love, respect, tolerance and support that women deserve.

To carry out studies that will improve the capacities, qualifications and accessibility of institutional structures and mechanisms that will develop women’s personal and professional knowledge, abilities and skills, strengthen women’s participation in family life, social, political and economic decision mechanisms, and contribute to social and economic development.

To carry out activities and activities that improve the capacity and skills of women and families in the face of social, economic, technological and internet-based developments in the world and in our country.

To carry out studies that will support women’s employment and entrepreneurship, increase women’s existence, contribution and effectiveness in the economic field, and improve their economic power.

Effectively investigating the problems and risks faced by victim groups in the society such as women and children, disabled, orphans, in need of care, exposed to violence, abused, exposed to trafficking in women and human beings, living on the street, having health problems, substance addicts, asylum seekers and convicts. and to work towards solving these problems, to develop strategies and policies.