Civil Aviation Management

About Program

Department of Aviation Management in the Faculty Of Economics, Administrative And Social Sciences was founded in 2013. The growing aviation sector in a globalizing world needs more qualified employees. Not only airlines, but also airports, cargo companies and companies that provide services to aviation sector need qualified manpower to work at all levels. Aviation Management Department is equipped to meet these needs. In order to provide the manpower needed for the sector, it provides services with its infrastructure and experienced lecturers.

Learning & Teaching Methods

  • Lecture & In-Class Activities
  • Group Work
  • Reading
  • Assignment (Homework)
  • Project Work
  • Seminar
  • Internship
  • Web Based Learning
  • Field Study
  • Report Writing

Access to Further Studies

May apply to master’s or doctorate programmes in any field or proficiency in fine arts programmes.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this department have the opportunities to be employed in various sectors at international level, at departments of state and private institutions and foundations of aviation sector such as cargo services, flight operations, ground services of airports and designing airport services. The graduates of this department have a significant advantage that this sector is growing rapidly and need to well-qualified staff is also increasing gradually, and in future, the need to qualified staff in this sector will apparently continue to increase.