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About Program

Nurses are to be a leader in providing high quality patient-centered health care based on respect for diversity of thought, ideas, and opinions of others by integrating knowledge of the multiple mechanisms underlying human health and disease, by developing critical thinking through the process of scientific inquiry and its translation into human health and wellness, by developing effective communication skills and ethical and complex decision making, and by engaging in experiential learning to facilitate application of human science.

Learning & Teaching Methods

Our department have well-recognized, national and international, staff members who are professional academics with unique significant success records. Moreover, our students are encouraged to pursue internships in a spectrum of distinct and reputable institutions.

Access to Further Studies

Double Major
International Exchange Programs and study abroad
Possibility to attend graduate programs

Career Opportunities

Graduated students are able to continue their further education (MSc and PhD).
Graduated students are able to work in hospitals, health care sector.