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Faculty of Engineering in Cyprus Science University was established in 2014 and started to recruit students.

Engineering is a bridge between science and technology. It has an important place in the development of humanity. In general, engineering is the application of science and mathematics necessary to solve problems.

Engineers understand how things work and find methods for the practical use of scientific discoveries. Scientists and inventors often strive for innovations that improve the living conditions of humanity. However, engineers are the ones who bring these innovations into an available tool for our use.

The basic skill of an engineer is mathematics, and other skills required according to the selected engineering field should be physics and/or science in addition to mathematics.

Our Engineering Departments under the Faculty of Engineering of Cyprus Science University are:

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering and
  • Cyber Security Engineering

Engineers design, evaluate, develop, test, revise, install, control and maintain very diverse products and systems. It also predicts and determines materials and workflow processes, and checks production and production stages. It conducts error analysis, provides consulting services. Therefore, the job opportunities are quite wide.

If you want a job guarantee, you need to improve yourself. You need to keep track of innovations and add new information and new techniques to your existing knowledge.

We are differentiating you at CSU. In addition to the academic education with the international academic staff who are experts in the field, we prepare you for business life with our hands-on trainings in fully equipped laboratories. Our faculty hosts the professions of the age, follows technology very closely and has pioneering ideas. At the same time, we are allowing you to reveal your personal development skills, improving them and starting life one step ahead of the other students who have graduated at the same time.

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