Civil Aviation and Cabin Services

About Program

In light of rapid changes and developments in the industry and for the need of the qualified personnel required by the sector, the program aims at providing general information about national and international transportation and integrates students to the logistics industry by providing theoretical and practical trainings about production methods, manufacturing methods and supply chains.

Department Opportunities
-International Practices in Institutional Businesses and On-Site Application Opportunities
-Regular seminars and meetings with sector representatives
-Training trips to the leading companies in the sector
– Continuing education Center,
– Career development center,
– Online training opportunities

Learning & Teaching Methods

The most frequently used Instructional Methods of the educational programs of Cyprus Science University are given below. Programs commonly apply these methods as appropriate instructional approaches in accordance with their aims and objectives.
The instructional methods applied for achieving the goal of meeting the expected learning outcomes at the LOGISTICS program at large are indicated in the section of ‘program learning outcomes’, and those methods utilized for individual course units are indicated in the relevant section of ‘course description and information on application’.

Access to Further Studies

Students who have successfully graduated from the Logistics may apply to Bachelor’s (First Cycle) Degree programmes in or related fields of Logistics in Turkish universities via Vertical Transfer Exam organised by OSYM or directly apply to universities abroad for further study. Please also see the general admission requirements and information on access to further studies as well as the specific admission requirements for further studies in relation to Logistics at CSU.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates can work at foreign trade, sales and marketing departments of all businesses operating in private and public sector, logistics companies, planning and product design, marketing, production planning, materials management, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transportation, insurance, customs services, purchasing, and customer service.