Academic Evaluation

Academic Evaluation Board


The Academic Evaluation Commission (ADEK) is established to give an opinion to the Rectorate in evaluating the qualifications of the candidates in academic appointments and promotions. ADEK makes its evaluations in accordance with the ‘Regulation for Promotion and Appointment to Academic Membership of Higher Education Institutions in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’, ‘Cyprus Science University Academic Evaluation Directive’ and other relevant legislation.

Academic Evaluation Commission (ADEK) consists of 6 (six) University professors appointed for 3 (three) years with the recommendation of the University Administrative Board and the approval of the Senate, and the Vice-Chancellor who will also chair the Commission. For a vacant membership, a new member is appointed with the same method and to complete the normal term of the leaving member.

Decisions are taken by the majority of the total number of members.

The ‘Academic Evaluation Criteria’ are prepared by ADEK and submitted for the approval of the University Senate to form the basis for the promotion and appointment of Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors.

Commission Members

prof. Dr. Tokay GEDİKOĞLU (President)

prof. Dr. Lale Ayşegül BÜYÜKGÖNENÇ (Member)

prof. Dr. Ömer ÜRE (Member)

prof. Dr. Ata ATUN (Member)

prof. Dr. Asım Günal ÖNCE (Member)

prof. Dr. Orhan CIFTCI (Member)

prof. Dr. Mesut YALVAC (Member)