About Program

Architecture has been one of the oldest professional disciplines throughout the human history. The profession of Architecture aims at designing solid, resilient, functional, healthy, and aesthetically rich buildings and relevant spaces for human wellbeing by using scientific and artistic principles and relevant contemporary technologies. Within this context, architecture has a significant role in the cultural and artistic development of society. The Department of Architecture was established in 2018 within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Cyprus Science University. The language of education in the Department is English. The Architecture Department offers an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree program which is a 4-years program that consists of eight semesters.

This main vision of the Department of Architecture is to educate and train contemporary architects who are critical thinkers and creative with a holistic approach to problem solving and have the necessary skills in using modern technologies. An integral aspect of this aim is to make sure that the graduates of the program have not only high degree of awareness about social and environmental issues but also high ethical standards. The Architecture Department aims at being a leading academic institution in its field particularly by emphasizing a high quality education with reputable faculty and developing a strong cooperation within the context of scientific and artistic activities at national and international level. Graduates of the undergraduate program of the Architecture Department receive a ‘Bachelor’s Degree’ and earn the title of ‘Architect’.

Education Teaching Methods

The Department of Architecture follows a holistic approach to designing buildings and relevant spaces by using science, art, and technolgy. In addition, the Department aims at serving as a bridge between interior architecture and landscape architecture by implementing an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach. The Undergraduate Program of Architecture Department consists of theory and practice. Design studios are at the heart of the education program. The design studios start in the first year of the education and last for four years. The main aim of the design studios is to help the students to design their original projects, to develop an ability to take a part in teamwork, and to strengthen the educational process in cooperation with other departments of the Faculty.

Academic Advancement Opportunities

Graduates of the Architecture Department may pursue an academic career by continuing postgraduate programs (Master and Doctorate).

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Department of Architecture can work for public and private sectors (e.g. construction companies) and/or can establish their own businesses. They can participate in national and international desin projects; thereby, they can find new business opportunities.