School of Foreign Languages


Cyprus Science University School of Foreign Languages was established in order to provide quality education of English and Turkish as a Foreign Language to all students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programmes. To this end, our mission is to equip our students with the necessary language knowledge and skills in order to be able to follow literature in their fields, communicate orally and in written form, and actively follow and participate in international events.

In addition, the aim of the language courses within the context of ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ offered by the English and Turkish Preparatory Program is to help students to learn the basic rules of the target language, acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and build up their confidence, which the students need to learn and use the target language effectively, enhance their vocabulary, and familiarize themselves with the culture the language belongs to.

Besides, providing best quality instruction in the light of Cyprus Science University’s general academic, scientific and pedagogical framework, and pursuing our search for the best contemporary practice in the field is our vision.

Academic Members