Graduate Institute

General Information

Today, graduate education has become a necessity in business and academic life. In this context, as a Graduate Education and Research Institute of the Cyprus Science University, we conduct a variety of graduate programs in Health, Social and Educational Sciences. In these programs, our main objectives are to train academicians for higher education institutions and to train qualified manpower for public and private sector organizations. Quality in education is the foremost principle of our Institute and in the graduate programs we carry out, our students are given qualified education by our faculty members using modern teaching methods and techniques. As a requirement of our programs, we have our students carry on research on various subjects during the thesis and project studies processes. Our primary concern is to educate students as knowledgeable and equipped, creative, productive, and innovative individuals in every aspect with access to the library, computer center, and databases at our university and to train our graduates as qualified manpower that is sought, preferred and primarily employed in the business world and universities.

Educational Administration and Supervision and Business Administration are YÖDAK approved doctoral programs affiliated to  Institute of Graduate Studies and Research. The language of instruction in the field of Educational Administration and Supervision is Turkish; in the field of Business Administration is English. Students are accepted to these programs with at least 75 GPA in the 100-point grading system; 3.00 in the 4-point grading system and together with an interview exam.

Master’s Degree Programs

Ph.D. Programs