Student Clubs

Dear students,

In addition to directing the social life of the university, student clubs in universities add a different color.

We have more than 25 student clubs in our university created for our students in different branches and fields, in order to carry out educational, health, sports, social, scientific and cultural activities in a planned and organized way in line with a specific goal during their extracurricular times.

Our student clubs, which carry out various activities in their own branches throughout the year, are established according to the students’ wishes, abilities and interests.

Student clubs enable students to engage in scientific, cultural, social, artistic and sports activities and support their academic development with such activities.

Student clubs develop their personal potential to the extent of their knowledge, abilities and interests which enable them to believe in the importance of teamwork to grow as individuals with high self-confidence.

We welcome all of our students to enroll in our student clubs.

In addition to contributing to your personal development at our university, you can join the student clubs. You can participate in the following activities by filling out the questionnaire below. (You can choose maximum 5 clubs).

Active clubs:

  • Music Club
  • Football club
  • Basket club
  • Language club
  • Computer Software Development Club
  • Artificial Intelligence club

Inactive clubs:

  • Search and Rescue (AKUT)
  • Kemalist Thought Club
  • Dance
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Martial Arts Club
  • Philosophy
  • Aviation
  • Law
  • Business Club
  • Red Crescent Club
  • CSU Faith Club
  • Culture, Poetry and Literature Club
  • Blue Butterfly Children’s Right Club
  • Debate Club
  • Music
  • Psychology Club
  • Guidance and Psychological Counseling Club
  • Drawing Club
  • Health Club
  • Ceramic
  • Cinema
  • Sports (Football, Basketball and Table Tennis)
  • Theatre
  • Community Volunteers
  • Turkish World Research Club