Cyprus Research center

Cyprus Science University Cyprus Studies Center (KAM) was established on 1 September 2018. The purpose of establishment of KAM; To prepare research projects, especially on the history, economy and socio-cultural life of Cyprus, to carry out studies on the Cyprus Problem and the hydrocarbon deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean, to report / inform the results obtained in these studies.

The breadth of the Cyprus Studies Center’s working areas also necessitates cooperation with other universities, public or private institutions. For this purpose, panels, symposiums, etc., in coordination with institutions and organizations carrying out similar studies or alone. It aims to organize scientific activities. KAM aims to inform the relevant public or autonomous/private institutions about the activities to be carried out in line with its objectives, and to reach large masses about the activities…


The vision of the Cyprus Research Center; The results to be obtained by examining the historical, political, legal, economic, socio-cultural problems of the TRNC with scientific methods, following the current developments regarding the hydrocarbon deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially the Cyprus Problem, conducting scientific studies on these issues or participating in scientific studies. To contribute to the development of the TRNC youth’s historical consciousness by sharing it with the TRNC public and official institutions, especially by working on Turkish Cypriot history.


The Cyprus Research Center carries out its studies with the mission of conducting scientific studies in the fields of interest specified in its regulation, producing information through research and applications and sharing the results with the public. In this context, including; It aims to participate in studies such as national/international events and visits, congresses, symposiums, workshops, seminars, panels, conferences, roundtables, certified trainings, EU projects, both in the TRNC and Turkey.